Residential Services

Residential Plumbing

As a plumber we specialize in all aspects of plumbing, we provide many services to our residential clients:


·         Bathroom ·         Kitchen ·         Sump Pumps ·         Water Heater
·         Boilers ·         Basement ·         Home Winterization ·         Laundry Room
·         Outside ·         Faucets ·         Home Additions ·         Drain Cleaning
·         Flooding ·         Garages ·         Restoring Water ·         Water Softeners

·         24/7 Emergency Service

Finding a plumber that you can trust can be stressful.

Many people go plumber to plumber trying to find someone trustworthy and that will not take advantage of you.  There are many fly by night plumbing companies so you must be careful when choosing a qualified plumber.  Evaluating the company of your choice should be a must, after all you are allowing these people into your home.

How can you tell you have chosen the right company?

Preform a simple google search on their business  name, history, and location can provide your validation of the company.  Then you may want to search for reviews online regarding the company of choice.  If you notice your company is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) will provide positive  reinforcement for your company for three reasons:

  1. They took the initial step to register with them
  2. You can see any issues others may have had with the company
  3. They are committed to providing the best service to consumers.

Take note of their Customer Service.  How responsive are they?  Do they speak up to you or down to you?  Do they give you tips on how to prevent future problems?  Do they give you options for your plumbing problem?  Does  it seem like they are sales men?  Having a Plumber that is up front with you all the time when you speak to them is ideal. Make sure you check with the Plumber or Company to see if they have a Contractors License and or a Plumbing License if the work requires it.

How can I tell if my past plumbers have performed a quality job?

First off they should have walked you through the process of fixing your problems.  A Experienced plumber might share a story about what they have encountered on previous jobs and how they might go.  They may also state how plumbing codes used to be and why they have changed.  Your plumber should never leave a mess for you to clean even if you offer to clean they should take care of the grunt of the cleaning.

  • Pipes should be placed plumb and level when new piping is installed
  • When installing a new main line out of the house stone should  be used underneath the pipe for support and fill.  This will prevent  future problems from occurring faster.
  • During a Main Line Installation make sure your plumber installs a clean out pipe out side your home.
  • For tile work in Remodels should be evenly spaced, level, & plumb on the walls
  • Trim should be either be paint with no nail wholes or stained with one continuous piece
  • For drywall you should not see any excess mud or screw wholes.
  • There should never be a mess and  they should have been courteous always.
  • Never changed the prices unexpectedly on you.

24/7 Plumbing Emergency Service

RC Szabo Plumbing Is Just A Call Away For Your Plumbing Emergencies Anytime or day whether you are in the middle of hosting a party or your pumps stopped working.  Give us a call and our courteous Technicians will take care of all your needs as soon as possible with our 24/7 Plumbing Emergency Service.  …

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Basement Bathroom Addition

Basements and Crawlspaces

Expert Plumbers For Your Crawlspace & Basement (Scroll to the Bottom for Photo Gallery) When it comes to your crawlspace and basement plumbing there are 4 main topics; Bathrooms, Flooding, Equipment such as furnaces, water heater, boilers, & washing machines, and Insulating. Bathrooms When you decide you may want a bathroom in your basement give us …

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widespread faucet installation


Bathroom Plumbing We take care of all your bathroom plumbing needs and everything in-between to complete the job to your satisfaction.  We provide you with Water Saving and Back-up Prevention Tips and new more efficient equipment for your bathrooms when needed.     Our services include: Leaky Faucets & shower heads New Installation of Faucets …

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Home Boiler System Many homes still have baseboard heating or Radiant heat in concrete flooring which runs off of a home boiler system.  Our experts can diagnose, service or  replace your boiler.  When repairing home boiler systems we may replace:             Filters    Valves    Gauges    Switches    Expansion Tanks …

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Drain Cleaning

Expert Drain Cleaning Services & A Honest Explanation Whether your drains are clogged or slow draining our Drain Cleaning Experts can diagnose the problem and use to proper equipment to clear the blockage.  The blockage you may be experiencing can be caused by foreign objects in your drain pipes, Tree or Bush Roots, Paper, Built …

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Faucet Repairs or Installation Our home Faucets can sometimes be problematic and annoying if they have a constant drip or leak.  Sometimes we need to have a plumbing professional with experience take care of your faucet repairs.  We constantly use our sinks every day, receiving constant usage can put added stress on the components.  Our …

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Flooding Prevention Experts If you are having flooding problems during high rain fall or backed up floor drains, we can repair and install new plumbing equipment. We can carefully install sump pits to pump the water away from your home to prevent backups due to high rain fall.  Collapsed or bellied floor drains can be devastating …

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Garage Plumbing


Garage Plumbing Many people take pride in their Garages; mechanics and hobbyists alike may want to add a sink, a full service bathroom, or Heating to their garage space. A licensed plumber can handle your garage plumbing needs and wants. A Garage can also be a fun addition to entertain guests so adding a wet …

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Sewer Tie-in

Home Addition

A Custom Home Addition Do you have a growing family or a need more space for family, friends, or yourself?  We are your one stop shop for all of your needs.  We have the experience and the skills necessary to design and build your 2nd Floor addition or first floor expansions for a worry free …

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Home Winterization

Home Winterization & Why it is Important! Whether you are a Property owners, Vacation owners, Facility owners don’t risk having your water pipes freeze in your house over winter can be a serious problem.  Performing a thoroughly home winterization can save you a lot of money, stress, and damage associated with your property.  Water lines …

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Kitchen Drain Repair


Kitchen Plumbing Our experts can quickly diagnose your kitchen problems and cost effectively fix your issues and concerns.  Your kitchen Plumbing is our concern.  Our services include:     Faucet Repairs and Installation Backed up Sinks Drain Repairs   Garbage Disposals Repairs & Installation Water and Ice Maker Installation Drinking Water Purification System     …

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Laundry Tub Drain Repair

Laundry Room

Laundry Room Plumbing Laundry rooms should be an effective clean organized space we can help with the installation of new Laundry Tubs, Washer, and Dryer as well as repair your equipment.  Thinking about moving your Laundry room let us take a look and give you a cost effective plan on relocating your Laundry Equipment.  We …

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Outdoor Plumbing During the summers most people like to spend their time outside enjoying the weather and the company of others.  Our wide range of services can help you enjoy your summers or winter months to the fullest.  We are your Outdoor Plumbing Experts.  With all our services there is no need to hire Electricians, …

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Restoring Water Service

Bringing Water  Back to your Home Restoring your water after a home winterization is not a problem for our Technicians.  We can check for leaks and repair them while we flush out your water system and check for issues associated with restoring the water at your home or facility. Many times when foreclosures are  purchased …

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Pump installation

Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation A Service That Will Protect Your Home!!! Many times when a pump stops working we diagnose your pump and can replace pump switches. We provide a cost effective solutions whether it needs to be repaired or a new sump pump installation is required. We only use quality pumps for our installations providing you with the …

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Water Heater Services

Water Heaters

Water Heater Services Our complete Water heater services include thermocouples, thermostats, and heating elements, to get your heater back up and running at a cost effective price. We use only quality Water Heater for our installations.  When you are in need for a replacement we provide the best.  Put your trust in our complete water …

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Water Softeners

Water Softeners In many towns across the Nation people receive what is known as hard water. Hard water is water with an excess amount of minerals in it.  Hard water also may contain sediment from old galvanized water pipes.  Having hard water can put added strain on your plumbing clogging your water lines, plugging Faucets, and deteriorating your …

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