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Many times when a pump stops working we diagnose your pump and can replace pump switches when needed to provide a cost effective solution but when you need your pump replaced we only use quality pumps for our installations providing you with the industry best.  Zoellar has been trusted for decades by Plumbing Professionals with minimal problems these pumps have been known to last for up to 20 years or more in some cases.  You can be worry free by adding a battery back-up to your existing pump with an alarm to notify you if your pump stops working.  WE WILL NEVER provide you with any equipment we do not trust.

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Double Sump Pits in Orland Park make sure you are protecting your finished basement before you encounter any problems.  Zoellar sump pump with battery operated back up and alarm.  The single outlet design makes for a slim design that will fit in any size sump pit and they come equipped with a built in check valve.  In the event an in-experienced plumber installed another check valve they might burn up your new pump because the line between the two valves will become Air-locked and will make your pump work harder every time it turns on.  Leave it to the professionals with over 30 years of experience RC Szabo Plumbing.

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What happens when your Sump pump line fails?

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