Plumbing Tips For Your Kitchen:

How to Protect your Kitchen from Enduring Problems

Drains back-up in kitchens due to build ups such as grease, hair, food remnants, and soap as more time goes on with risky behavior the higher the risk of clogging drains.  These simple tips can ensure your plumbing is problem free for years:

  • Never pour any grease down your drain when they solidify they can plug a line in minutes.
  • Use your Garbage Disposal Wisely only use it with easy to grind items
  • Turn the Disposal on prior to adding anything to it.
  • Run the water for 30 seconds after using the Disposal will help ensure the particles make it through the drain pipes.
  • Check cabinets for standing water or water damage this is an indication of a water leak.
  • Check to make sure the drain connection is tight on your dishwasher
  • Filling up your sink with warm water and then draining it will help flush out your lines perform this once a month for best results.