Freezing Pipes

In the event you are suspecting frozen pipes open faucets near the frozen section never use an open flame to thaw the pipe but rather use a forced air heating device such as a hair dryer but be careful to not be standing in water or have water spraying on the electric device because it will shock you or worse. When you find the frozen section open the closest available faucet and when you believe it to be thawed check the faucet there should be a trickle of water if you have unfrozen a section of the pipe.


How to prevent freezing pipes can be a simple task which home owners can achieve themselves to lower costs which includes:

  • insulating water lines with a moisture barrier to protects the lines
  • fixing leaks as soon as possible before the cold whether sets in
  • Turning your faucets on so there is a steady drip will prevent your lines from freezing
  • disconnect all outside garden hoses
  • Close any shut off valves leading to outside spickets if available and drain lines.
  • Cover outside faucets with Styrofoam
  • Clean out sump pits from any debris that may have accumulated
  • Drain your Water Heater to remove sediment to prevent blockages
  • Make sure your central heating system is working properly and is set no lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

When identifying a leak or Reduced water pressure CALL RC Szabo Plumbing to fix it, often times it can be resolved with little to no damage to the home owner.