Tips & Tricks For Your Bathroom Plumbing To Save You $

Many people may experience plumbing issues in their bathrooms due to High usage which puts stress on Fixtures, Toilets, drains and even your Water Heater.

Follow these simple steps to help prevent any problems:

  • Space out your shower times and do not shower while your Wash Machine or Dish Washer is running to conserve hot water and put less stress on your Water Heater.
  • Keep hair from entering drains
  • Do not use thick toilet paper but brands that are tested to break down easier
  • Do not flush the so called flushable wipes down the toilet.
  • Keep kids toys and foreign objects from entering your drain
  • If you are experiencing poor water pressure in your shower head take it off and soak it in CLR or Vinegar overnight, then scrub it with a brush the next day.
  • Check tiles around toilets, faucets, and shower heads loose tiles may indicate a leaking pipe or drain behind the wall