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Tips For Bathroom Remodelingbathroom remodeling

You should enjoy the functionality an style of your bathroom but in some cases a total bathroom remodeling service may be needed.  Our tips for bathroom remodeling will help guide you through the process of designing your bathroom to your needs and wants.  Whether you are a DIY’er or are seeking a bathroom remodeling service these tips are free to you.  We wish everyone the best of luck with designing their bathroom.  If it becomes to much for you to put together you can call us at RC Szabo Plumbing and speak with our bathroom remodeling expert to develop a plan and budget for your space.

  • When choosing a design plan you first need to evaluate a budget for your needs.
  • Think about the space you have available. What can we fit in the room are we expanding our space by moving walls and plumbing or are you going to use the space provided.
  • When designing a bathroom from scratch think about the flow of the room and what space you have for the bath tub, shower sink, toilet, and even storage choose a layout that works for you and your family.
  • Get an idea for a style of your bathroom by visiting your department stores, surfing the internet, and speaking with various people can help with developing a vision.
  • Picking a tile for your space will provide you with your color scheme and will make the rest of your choices easier.
  • Do you want heated floors you must think and budget for it before you have the tile installed, there are many respectable proven floor warming products on the market now. Choose the best ones that have the least problems and best reviews to ensure your comfort.
  • Choose light colors to make small spaces look big or darker colors to bring warmth to larger spaces.
  • Once the tile and wall colors are chosen you need to think about your needs and wants from a vanity.
  • If you have a small space and want to down size your vanity to make the room, feel bigger there is many compact designs that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • For larger spaces upgrading to a double vanity can provide to extra space and time efficiency.
  • Bring a piece of your tile and a color sample with when choosing a vanity style and color make sure the colors are pleasing when put together.
  • Do your research on all products you buy for your bathroom can they be repaired, how are the reviews, do they offer a warranty, how do they feel in your hand?
  • After choosing the vanity choosing a top for it is just as important as the vanity itself once again make sure it goes with all your colors. If you choose darker colors for your room choosing a light color top can provide a good contrast or vice versa for light color walls.
  • Next choosing a toilet can be an important decision seeing many of us read the morning paper in the morning of the toilet. What are you looking for in a toilet gravity flush, power flush, water conservation, dual flush for liquid and solid waste, heated seats, easy close seats, standard size, elongated, short, or a bidet.  Make sure your toilet is comfortable for you.
  • What style of fixtures is going to match your style and color scheme, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Polished steel, Brushed Nickel? Then choose your towel racks, hangers, shower rods, shower fixtures, sink faucets.
  • Next decide on your lighting requirements do you have a large space to light choose a practical light and style for your space that helps the flow of the room
  • Do you need to upgrade your GFCI outlets & switches, do you want dimmer switches installed do you want to add Can lights for added affects or just to brighten the room up?
  • Make sure your shower fixtures, Sink Fixtures/faucets, Exhaust Fan, Vanity Drawer pulls, light fixtures and Electrical covers all match if not go back and make changes to your selections so you are happy.
  • Making Careful selections with another person can help make the best decisions first and not having to return or worse be un-happy with your selections


Designing and picking everything can be stressful, confusing, and or unappealing.  Our Bathroom Remodeling experts can walk you through the process and will answer all the questions or concerns you might have.  You may also check out our Bathroom Remodeling page for more details of our service and a photo gallery of past projects.


Call RC Szabo Plumbing today for all your Remodeling needs we are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and can work with any size space and budget.